Momiji Kids: Champion for Sustainable Crafted Furniture

Ying: I am Ying, and I run Momiji Kids with my husband, Darren. We design and curate rattan furniture for babies and children that are handmade with love by rattan communities in Indonesia. We have two children and one more on the way! 

How did Momiji Kids first start?

Ying: We had plenty of plastic toys or play and dump toys that didn’t last long. When my second child Layla came along, we wanted our children to appreciate quality over quantity and learn the beauty of owning just a few naturally made toys. We also wanted to set an example for our children by being gentle on the environment. That is when I started actively sourcing for sustainable toys and furniture for our children.

My “aha moment” came when I witnessed the skill and artistry of the craftsman which really unraveled the infinite possibilities of rattan – a sustainable, and durable material. That is when we started to work with family workshops to support and preserve the legacy of these craftsmen.

What is your greatest challenge so far?

Ying: To really be present for the children, while making sure that we do not compromise on quality and service standards for our customers.

How would you like to #TakeItAnywhere?

Ying: We would love for Momiji to be in homes all around the world, and for our pieces to be handed from one generation to the next.


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