LBRLabel: Empowering Women to be Warriors of Life

Regina: Hi I’m Regina, and I’m the founder of LBRLABEL

I believe that dressing up is a way of self-expression, and I want ladies to be able to express themselves in their own ways. Therefore, we create pieces to make them feel comfortable in their own skin, and provide different varieties for them to express it in different styles.

How did LBRLabel first start?

Regina: LBRLabel started with edgy and casual styles.

When I was younger, I was pretty expressive as a young girl in my dressing, as I am very dressed up most of the time when I’m out with my friends and family. Once, someone told me to stop dressing the way I did. I feel that no one should be stopped or told off when he or she is expressing themselves in their own way, and that’s when I learnt that, dressing up, making efforts to make yourself look good on a daily basis is a way of self-expression. 

What made you start a manufacturing label?

Regina: We felt that there is actually a need to introduce more varieties of styles to the brand. Hence, the manufacturing label LIA by LBR started. LIA meant female warrior, as we wish females feel that they are warriors of life.

LIA caters to different styles exclusively manufactured by us, allowing us to introduce our new line and at the same time have the ability to bring different styles to the brand. 

Featuring Regina in DAWN Modular Phone Sling in Grey with Luxchain wearing full outfit from LBRLabel

Greatest challenge so far?

Regina: Taking up multiple roles at the start and learning management skills is really a big learning curve for me. However, these experiences shaped me to look at things from different perspectives, and to be open to learn and grow.

How would you #TakeItAnywhere?

Regina: To impact the lives of women all around the world with our very simple mission to make them feel comfortable in their own skin, and to let them know that their potential is endless.


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