Jungmin Lee - Creating a Strong Women Community

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Jungmin: I am Jungmin Lee, a Korean mother of 2 kids living in Singapore. I am the founder of Ksisters, a brand which brings the best Korean beauty & lifestyle items to Singapore, and I run it with my wonderful team.

What inspired you to start Ksisters?

Jungmin: My two daughters. I wanted to bring cute korean clothing for my two daughters which was very difficult back then. Since it was meant for them, I wanted to name it as Korean Sisters - Ksisters, so I can remind myself, all items standard should be high quality. And my work should be something my kids can be proud of.

When do you feel most confident and beautiful?

Jungmin: When my two kids look at me with sparkling eyes and say, mum you look so beautiful.

What is most fulfilling about your job? 

Jungmin: Whenever I hear about consumer reviews saying our products changed their life. With better skin and better hair, thief self confidence is really boosted up.

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Challenges you've faced and how did you overcome them?

Jungmin: Every single day is a challenge. As a small business owner, you have to stand in front of the company and protect it. In the corporate world, you can be protected in the name of the company, so it is a very different experience.

I haven't fully overcome yet (I actually think no one can) but mindset changes like “everyone has tough times” “things don’t kill me will only make me stronger and better in the end” “this shall pass” and connecting with other mom influencers have helped me a lot.

Do you believe in women supporting women?

Jungmin: Yes I do. I have been a long time crib member, and connecting them and learning from each area guru was quite helpful. Actually quite many ladies were willing to share their success tips and practical business running tips.

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How do you think women can grow together as a community? 

Jungmin: Not just information sharing. If there is an area that we can scale up together, once you actively seek out there are ways. For example, check out the baby birth year community. I see many mama communities grow a lot after centering around each baby birth year. They often host some markets and bundle deals too. And become a support community to each other.

Why is celebrating International Women's Day important? 

Jungmin: It is a reminder to ourselves regardless of nation, age, history, and continents we have come this far as a women community. When this connection is stronger and we keep pushing ourselves further, we can help free up and grow more women communities across the globe. So celebrating International women’s day becomes a conscious reminder to ourselves. Let’s not forget where we were 100 years ago and now.

Any product that changed your life? 

Jungmin: Phytopecia hair shampoo and jung beauty water treatment has changed my life a lot. After postpartum I was very scared about hair loss and even after I recovered I was very traumatised. When my hairdrop started due to high stress, I was very anxious. After trying phytopecia shampoo, I have gained back my usual hair volume and strength and that gave me so much confidence in front of camera( I have to shoot every day due to product review).

I have developed a water type treatment to pair it with this wonderful shampoo under Jung Beauty. This water treatment immediately (7 sec) smoothes out my hair without weighing down my hair so much (which I found it very difficult to balance out). With this combi my hair is full and thick which gives me so much confidence everyday.

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Anything you would like to tell women out there?

Jungmin: You are you. You don’t need anybody’s approval to be you. You are beautiful in your own way. And thanks for being you. And let’s hold hands and enjoy life together. Together we are better and stronger!




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