Annabelle Sue, the modern day FREYJA

Taizjo sits down and chats with Annabelle Sue , #FemaleFounder of FREYJA, to find out more about her journey and her heart as an influencer, entrepreneur and fashion icon.

Annabelle Sue - FREYJA

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Q. Describe your unique perspective on life, work and play :D

Annabelle: With just one go at life, peace is important to me. I believe in giving everyone and everything I care about my 100%. My career is important to me because it pushes me to perpetually learn and grow beyond work; and play… I must. I want to experience all the craziest things.


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Q. As an entrepreneur and influencer, what do you enjoy most about running your own business? 

Annabelle: I cherish the platform to effect change within and beyond FREYJA. We get to share the confidence that comes with a good outfit, and more importantly, be an active part of the conversation about gender equality. 

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Q. Share more about the name Freyja :) 

Annabelle: FREYJA is a norse goddess associated with beauty, love and kindness. She’s a kind, giving and powerful female figure in a patriarchal system, and is known to love a good thrill while looking all sorts of fabulous in her falcon feather cloak. ;)


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Q. What is your mission with Freyja?

Annabelle: I want to help women everywhere look good, feel good and do good.

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Q. Any specific challenges or benefits in being a female founder? 

Annabelle: Especially in the early days of business, I had to work so much harder for my voice to be heard. Women everywhere still work harder to get the equal amount of recognition a male counterpart would get, but that’s exactly why we will keep exceeding expectations.

Q. If you could #TakeitAnywhere, where do you hope to see Freyja?  

Annabelle: #TakeittoLondon, my favourite city of all! 

Q. For women who want to go beyond their wildest dreams, what’s a piece of advice you’d want to leave them with? 

Annabelle: This is something I keep reminding myself to do- Take risks, calculated but scary ones. You can do well in a safe harbour, but getting beyond your wildest dreams requires jumping off a cliff - with a solid & fashionable parachute! 

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