5 Ways to Discover Real Treasure this CNY

Ah, Chinese New Year is the time to stuff yourself with good food and fill your hands with angpaos, right? But it's much more than that! Here's 5 ways you can make the most out of it by discovering real treasures this CNY:

1. Cherish your elders

Orange you glad for your elders? Go beyond the traditional giving of mandarin oranges and show that you care by starting a heartfelt conversation! 
Use SANDSTONE or SNOWGOLD to help you find treasures of wisdom within these conversations.  

2. Meet Someone New

Other than eating love letters, make this CNY even more enjoyable by getting to know new people.

Navigate freely through these conversations with the help of DESERTROSE or SANDSTONE!

3. Catch up with a cousin

When was the last time you saw your cousins? Make the reunion sweeter than finding any treasures by catching up with them over some bak-kwas!

These bak-kwas may taste even sweeter when your hands are free. Why not use DESERTROSE or SANDSTONE?  

4. Better to Give than to Receive

The proverb "It's better to give than to receive" also applies this Lunar New Year! Give more of your time rather than just angpaos and discover the treasure of joy with others.Optimise your freedom to give with the ever-classy SANDLUX or the practical and chic DESERTROSE

5. Reconnect with long lost friends

Find a time during this holiday to initiate a meetup with some old friends! Perhaps bai-nian at their house and rekindle the gift of friendship with some pineapple tarts.

A twinning Phone Sling Necklace also wouldn't sound too bad as a gift. Perhaps get your pal and yourself SANDLUX and SUNNYDAYS?
Here's a bonus treasure for you: This Chinese New Year, get $8 off when you checkout with at least 2 of our phone necklace slings using "CNY8". Double your freedom and double your prosperity with Taizjo now!

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