5 Local Brands to Wrap this Christmas Up

Christmas is definitely the most wonderful time of the year, especially when gifts are involved! ✨ This year, we are getting into the festive mood with 5 local brands we love, with perfect gift combos for your loved ones or yourself! #SupportLocal ❤️ Get gifting with our curated selection of amazing goodies.

1. Two Curiously’s Winter Wonder Earrings for the Fashionistas

Do you know someone who can’t leave the house without looking good? 😏 Be IG-ready with a pair of handmade 3D-printed jewellery from Two Curiously. Dress their phones up too with the EDEN Modular Phone Sling in Ocean for a complementary and practical look! 📱

2. Forest Child’s Leather Pen Sleeve for the Minimalists

For the ones who want to keep it classy, this Leather Pen Sleeve from Forest Child is every modern minimalist’s dream! 😎 Spice the look up with our Universal Sling Bag in Sangria. Also, both items are the perfect practical gift choices! 👍🏼

3. Yenidraws’ Set of Cards, Plates and Furoshiki for your Easy-going Buddies

🌈 Colours, colours and more colours! Yenidraws has a whole range of items and more other stuff on her site. Just look at these sets of cards, bamboo plates and furoshiki! Great for the ones who are always decked in rainbows and sparkles! ✨❤️ They’ll probably be happy to receive a DAWN Modular Phone Sling in Rose as well! 

4. HeyHappyPuff’s Musings From The Moon for Precious Friends

Let your best friends know how precious they are with a book that celebrates self-love and promotes healing. 🥰 HeyHappyPuff’s Musings from the Moon is a perfect choice for those who want to overcome personal roadblocks, encourage mindfulness and more. ☁️ Pair it up with a simple LOVELUX Phone Sling with Card Case

5. The Tea Story’s Luxury Christmas Set for the Tea-Lovers

Know of someone who needs a cup of tea every morning? ☀️☕️ Why not get them a Luxury Christmas Set from The Tea Story? Comes in a set of three seasonal blends that is perfect for the morning boost! Did we mention that the colours look beautiful with our EDEN Modular Phone Sling in Plum

Make Your Gifts Unique

We invite you to add a special touch of love and care by customising your case with the Morris Monogram, a limited edition font made just for the season. 🎄🌟

Order yours by 20th December for ship out by 30th December.

Have other things in mind? Check out our range of Modular Phone Slings (DAWN, NOIR, and NOIRLUX) or functional Card Slot Phone Slings now. Or find out the true meaning of Christmas here. ❤️

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