4 Ways to Enjoy Your March Holiday Weekend

March Holiday is ending in a few days and here are 4 ways to enjoy the last weekend before the hustle begins!

1. Have Fun Outdoors

Have some outdoor fun with your family and friends this holiday season! Enjoy some games in the hood, explore nature pathways or visit local attractions together.

2. Visit a Cafe

Time to try out new cafes around town. Get a taste of France at Chez Suzette, a french-style cafe nestled in the heart of Singapore.

3. Enjoy Casual Photoshoots for Free

It’s been a while since we could travel freely, time to update our photo albums by having a casual photoshoot at different aesthetic places in Singapore!

4. Sign up for Workshops

With many new and affordable workshop spaces popping up, sink into the world of art by bringing a friend or two along to attend some of these workshops.
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