12 "Made in SG" Fashion Brands to Check Out!

In need of a wardrobe refresh? Why not #SupportLocal this National Day and style up your summer with 5 of our favourite local fashion brands! There’s no better time than now to show our support for homegrown independent labels ❤️

1. The Willow Label

The Willow Label offers a wardrobe of timeless classics that are easy to mix and match, as well as the trendy must-haves of the season. From easy-to-match, versatile pieces to comfy casuals, shopping at The Willow Label feels just like shopping out of a fashion editor’s closet! 

Style up your summer wardrobe with ARIELLE Crossbody Phone Sling with CLOUD Pearl Chain!

Visit The Willow Label, available online in stores.

2. Fayth Label

Featured: DAWN (Coral) Crossbody Phone Sling with Coral Peach PP Cord and VOILA Crossbody Phone Case with Lilac Lanyard Strap

Think unique hand drawn prints, comfortable soft fabrics and soft, pastel hues. Fayth Label has a little special something for the lazy weekends, summer picnics and flirty dinners. Twin with your little one in their adorable Mommy and Me range, launched in 2019 when founder Janis Gan took the #twinning craze into her own hands. 

For the picture-perfect finish to your OOTD, match your sugary pastels with DAWN Crossbody Phone Sling in RoseCoral or Grey 😍

Visit Fayth Labelavailable online and in stores.


Featured: LUCIE Crossbody Mini Bag in Lilac and DAWN (Coral) Crossbody Phone Sling with Luxchain

OL by day and party goer by night? Get you a brand that can do both! Founded in 2010, LBRLABEL’s versatile styles range from casual feminine to chic corporate. 

Spice up that elegant dinner outfit with NOIRLUX Crossbody Phone Case with Luxchain 

Visit LBRLABEL, available online

4. The Stage Walk

Featured: DAWN (Grey) Crossbody Phone Sling with Cloud Grey PP Cord and DAWN (Rose) Crossbody Phone Sling with Rose Pink Dacron Cord

For over 10 years, The Stage Walk has been setting the scene for feminine florals, dainty laces and demure dresses. Stock up on contemporary classics and complete your OOTD with shoes, bags, and accessories!

Embrace your inner girly-girl and pair your fits with VOILA Crossbody Phone Sling and Lilac Lanyard Strap.

Visit The Stage Walk, available online and in stores.

5. Anticlockwise

Featured: SANDLUX Crossbody Phone Sling with Luxchain

Minimalists, look out! Anticlockwise features a range of comfort, fuss-free wear to help you nail that minimal, effortless look for both work and play.

Pair their timeless classics with SANDLUX 2.0 Crossbody Phone Sling for the perfect combination of effortless neutrals.  

Visit Anticlockwise, available online.

6. Elda Store

Featured: VERSA Phone Sling Bag in Tan

Looking for easy basics and staple pieces for your minimalist wardrobe? Elda Store offers a variety of simple yet classy pieces, ranging from comfy everyday lounge sets, to elegant kaftan kurung. 

Tie your sophisticated look together with DAWN Crossbody Phone Sling in Grey.

Visit Elda Store, available online.

7. The Missing Piece

Featured: DAWN (Coral) Crossbody Phone Sling with Luxchain

Indulge in unique prints, bright florals and textured statement pieces with The Missing Piece. Connect with your roots in their exquisite cheongsams - from traditional styles to Old Hollywood glam. Better yet - twin with your little one in their unique pieces and steal the show!

For the perfect vintage vibe, pair your bold prints with LUCIE Crossbody Mini Bag in Black!

Visit The Missing Piece, available online. 

8. YeoMama Batik

Featured: LOVELUX Crossbody Card Slot Case and DAWN (Rose) Crossbody Phone Sling with Pink Lanyard Strap

Add a pop of colour to your wardrobe with YeoMama Batik. Designed and handmade by the adorable mother-daughter duo, Mama Yeo and Desleen, the brand boasts beautifully patterned cheongsams, maxi dresses, jumpsuits and shirts for both men and women in their unique batik print.

Emphasize those bold colours with DAWN Crossbody Phone Sling in Coral!

Visit YeoMama Batik, available online.

9. Barehands

Featured: DAWN (Coral) Crossbody Phone Sling and SANDLUX Crossbody Phone Sling with Luxchain

If you appreciate handcrafted pieces, Barehands is one brand you’d hate to miss! Each piece is thoughtfully designed and handcrafted, from their timeless linen tops right down to their jewellery, knitted bags and woven slides. 

Complete your unique fit with a customized phone sling in our unique Morris Monogram font!

Visit Barehands, available online.

10. Minor Miracles

Featured: NOIR Crossbody Phone Sling and NOIRLUX Crossbody Phone Sling with Black PP Cord

Adding to the list of unique handcrafted fashion brands is Minor Miracles, a brand with their very own locally staffed team of fashion graduates and creatives who design, pattern make by hand and sew samples in-house! Take #Supportlocal to a different level with the bold colours and one-of-a-kind print patterns on Minor Miracles’ clothes, bags and even face masks!

Pair your colourful prints with a sleek NOIR Crossbody Phone Sling for some added contrast to your look!

Visit Minor Miracles, available online.

11. Our Daily Avenue

Featured: SANDLUX Crossbody Phone Sling with Luxchain

Our Daily Avenue offers comfortable, high-quality, stylish footwear at affordable prices, offering a selection of products for women of all ages and backgrounds. From trendy mules to convenient slip-on sliders, the brand combines comfort and style with earthy neutrals for the everyday, easy-to-match fits!

For the perfect finish to your OOTD, pair your casual look with TRUELUX Crossbody Phone Sling Case.

Visit Our Daily Avenue, available online.

12. The Renaissance

Featured: SANDLUX Crossbody Phone Sling with Luxchain

Live out your Pinterest, boss lady-aesthetic dreams with The Renaissance. With the perfect chunky gold jewellery, even the most basic outfits can be elevated to that dreamy, supermodel-esque look, fit for the cover of Vogue! Reminiscent of the actual Renaissance era, their classic jewellery pieces are timeless, elegant and bold, lending a touch of flair to any outfit. 

For the perfect vintage aesthetic, pair your look with LUCIE Crossbody Mini Bag in Butter.

Visit The Renaissance, available online. 

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